Rate the Raging Maniac in Your Life with BodyLogicMD’s New Facebook App

Are there any raging maniacs in your life? Do you need to find a new way to break it to your friend that they’re a little more hormonal than usual? A new Facebook App from BodyLogicMD allows you to find out which of your friends qualify as hormonal maniacs and helps you determine what kind of maniac they really are. 

On March 1st, 2011, BodyLogicMD launched their new Raging Maniac Quiz on their BodyLogicMD Facebook fan page. While focused primarily on the hormonal turmoil of menopausal women, many of the questions and answers can apply to a variety of hormone imbalances. You answer the questions with your Facebook friends in mind, whether they’re aunts, sisters, girlfriends or even your mother. You can post the results to your friend’s wall — and then she can take the quiz to find out if you’re a Raging Maniac, too.

The Facebook App quizzes you on a friend of your choice. You answer questions, such as whether your friend has ever forgotten her own birthday or whether she’s more like Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. These answers determine whether your friend will rank as Hormonally Happy, a Mild Maniac or a Raging Maniac — and then you get to pick a character in their category that you think best suits them. You can pick from quirky characters, such as “Sexi Lexi,” “Forgetful Fran” and “Negative Nancy.”

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