Sex after Menopause: The Best Sex of Your Life

I’m in the mood, but my hormones aren’t…

Menopause doesn’t have to spell the end for a woman’s sexuality. The majority of the issues women have in the bedroom, especially as they get older, are oftentimes caused by hormonal imbalance. Symptoms such as vaginal dryness, inhibited sexual desire, inability to climax and self-image issues are typical of menopause and are usually associated with declining hormone levels, namely estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Many women have turned to hormonal treatments, such as bioidentical hormone therapy to balance these hormones naturally. While treatment can help balance hormones, other social changes that occur as women age aren’t as easy to fix.  

Aged to perfection

A woman’s sexuality matures with age, like a fine wine. From a biological standpoint, women desire sex because they’re physiologically programmed to reproduce. However, in a woman’s post-reproductive years, the body begins to change and so do her needs and desires. At this point, sex becomes something of recreation and self-fulfillment. Middle-aged women want more out of sex than they did in their 20’s and 30’s; they’re more interested in companionship, sensuality, intimacy, stronger bonds and deeper connections. And women aren’t the only ones who want more out of sex in their second stage of life. Men also become more adventurous in the bedroom and are oftentimes more interested in pleasing their mate than satisfying needs of their own. As a couple matures together, they become more intuitive of each other’s needs and desires, and this sense of heightened sexual awareness brings sex to a whole new level.        

The best sex you’ve never had

Regardless of what the problem is, be it balancing your hormones or just spicing things up a little bit, chances are there’s a solution out there that can help you kick your sex life back into high gear. The trick is figuring out what’s holding you back and nipping the problem in the bud. Find out how millions of women are having the best sex of their lives well into their 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

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