Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day: Skip the Fancy Meal and Go Straight to the Bedroom

Boost Your Sexual Desire and Sexual Function This Valentine's Day

Boost Your Sexual Desire and Sexual Function

by BodyLogicMD

You survived the holiday season. You rang in the New Year. Next up—Valentine’s Day. You have most likely walked through a convenience, grocery, or department store recently and noticed the flood of heart-shaped chocolates, teddy bears, and flower arrangements available. Love is in the air! So, what do you get the person that holds your heart? Unfortunately, 1-800-Flowers, Hallmark cards, Godiva chocolates, and even Victoria’s Secret can’t provide the boost most couples need to fulfill their memorable images of Valentine’s Day.

Many people struggle with low libido as they age. In fact, according to recent research, 40% of American women over the age of 30 suffer from an impaired sexual response, with 20% of those women reporting this as a source of significant distress. Women are not alone, though. An estimated 30% of men experience sexual dysfunction at some point in their life. Erectile dysfunction is the most common form of sexual dysfunction in men, affecting 12% of men under the age of 40, 18% of men between the ages of 50-59, and almost 30% of men over the age of 60.

If you identify with any of these statistics, take heart. The good news is that your sex life can improve with maturity, and orgasms can get even better with age! A decreased libido can be caused by a multitude of factors, including hormonal imbalances, anxiety, and even stress that can be readily corrected. Dr. Jennifer Landa, author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women and chief medical officer of BodyLogicMD, has helped countless women regain their sexual desire through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Landa explains, “Many women would love to restore their libido but are ashamed or embarrassed to admit it and seek help. And yet, in my medical practice, the vast majority of women who want their libido back are successful at reigniting it!”

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Sexuality helps to fortify the bond between two people—and not just through intercourse alone. Sexuality is fused to each kiss, each touch, and each embrace. Oxytocin, commonly known as the “love hormone,” is a hormone released during orgasm, and scientists believe that it is capable of deepening feelings of attachment. This is why relationship coaches will place such a high emphasis on couples engaging in sexual activity on a regular basis—the more often you’re having sex, the closer you and partner will become.

Also, oxytocin helps to lower cortisol levels, the primary stress hormone, which can then lead to fundamental improvements in testosterone levels in the body. This is caused by a hormonal domino effect—high levels of stress trigger an increase in cortisol, which is associated with sleep interruptions. And in return, poor sleep can rob you of your testosterone, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

How Can I Rewire My Desire?

So, if you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart, you could shower them with lavish gifts, fancy restaurants, or romantic weekend getaways, but why not surprise them with a gift that keeps on giving?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can address the hormone imbalances that men and women face every day and relieve many of the symptoms that commonly affect libido and erections during any period of life. This individualized therapy, in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment plan, can help you achieve and manage a healthy desire for sex and sexual function. Other options for addressing sexual dysfunction include the Sexual Wellness Program for sexual rejuvenation and targeted supplement regimens. The Sexual Wellness Program includes professional grade medications that work together to address and support the sexual wellness needs and function of men and women, from erectile dysfunction to vaginal dryness.

Whether you are looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day or just learn more about hormone health, the practitioners of the BodyLogicMD network specialize in addressing issues of hormone balance, including those that are related to sexual function. To restore balance and revitalize your sexual wellbeing at any age, contact a practitioner within the BodyLogicMD network today!

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