Suzanne Somers for Alternative Medicine

FE_PR_090325onwomenThe TODAY show’s Ann Curry interviewed Suzanne Somers about her personal experience with cancer and the interviews she conducted with “controversial” doctors who are using alternative methods to treat cancer.  Somers calls her new book, Knockout: Interviews with Doctors who are Curing Cancer,” a book of “options” and a “book of hope.”  After being misdiagnosed with full body cancer by 6 different doctors, she was spurred to write this new book.  In it, she highlights doctors who are using using alternative methods to treat cancer – integrating nutritional, integrative, or even full out standard of care and chemotherapy, and utilizing different things to make it less harsh or make it more effective.  “I am not anti-pharmaceutical, but they should be saved as the last tool in the practitioner’s back pocket.”

An excerpt from Knockout

This was an amazing group of people. These doctors were the courageous ones who stepped out of the Western “standard of care” box to declare that the present template of medicine is not working. Drugs are not the answer. Drugs and chemicals are degrading the brains of our elders and sneaking up on the unsuspecting young ones.  I looked around at this group of healthy-looking, vibrant people and was excited to bring them all together. We were all living this new approach to wellness. And before our delicious organic meal was served, everyone pulled out their little bags of supplements. We all got a laugh over that one.

As a long-time proponent of using alternative methods to treat disease and to foster longevity, Somers has referenced BodyLogicMD’s doctors as experts in hormone balance utilizing bioidentical hormones.  After seeking out BodyLogicMD’s experts and interviewing them about cutting edge methods of balancing hormones, she dedicated an entire chapter to BodyLogicMD in her book, Ageless and also mentioned our experts in Breakthrough.  BodyLogicMD’s highly trained physicians are advocates of preventive medicine and instead of putting bandaids on disease, getting to the source and helping our patients live better, longer in a more optimal state of health.

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