Testosterone Therapy Can Improve Weight, Mood, and Wellbeing—and a New Medical Food May Bolster Its Effects

Testosterone Therapy Can Improve Weight, Mood, and Wellbeing

New Treatment Emerges to Boost Effects of Testosterone and Growth Hormone

by BodyLogicMD

If your continued weight loss efforts are failing and you can barely muster the energy to work out, your willpower may not be the problem. Instead, you might be low in an essential hormone responsible for increasing muscle mass and reducing fat in the body—one that’s also key to having enough energy to get to the gym. Testosterone, most widely known for its role in men’s reproductive health, is a major player in shedding extra pounds and keeping the weight off in both men and women, and low levels are correlated with higher body fat (especially in the abdomen), as well as poor energy levels, low sex drive, sexual dysfunction, and depressed mood.

Fortunately, many people have success when treated with testosterone therapy; positive effects include fat loss, increased energy, and many other markers of health, as well as improvements in general wellbeing. A review of studies published in Current Diabetes Reviews found that testosterone therapy reversed fat accumulation and increased lean body mass in obese men. It also lowered serum cholesterol, improved insulin sensitivity (which lowers diabetes risk and aids weight loss), and lowered heart disease risk. The authors of the review also referenced a 2004 study that noted an overall decrease in fatigue among young men who received testosterone via injection and suggested that testosterone therapy may encourage commitment to diet and exercise programs through its positive effect on energy levels.

Other studies back this idea up and have noted testosterone’s beneficial effects on mood; a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that testosterone therapy increased good feelings, alertness, and friendliness and decreased anger, nervousness, and irritability in men over a 60-day period. And new research shows that when used in conjunction with a new medical food called Sarcotropin, the effects of testosterone therapy may be bolstered, leading to even more energy, vitality, endurance, and muscle mass, as well as sounder sleep and faster healing time.

Testosterone levels naturally drop with age, making low testosterone a tremendously common issue for aging men. Women also undergo age-related declines in testosterone, which poses a challenge to their sexual engagement, fitness level, and weight maintenance.

Sarcotropin can boost your natural production of growth hormone (GH), which along with testosterone and other hormones slows down dramatically as you age. Growth hormone is responsible for everything from building muscle and maintaining strength to warding off illnesses and keeping skin supple—and it’s crucial to aging healthfully. In a clinical trial of Sarcotropin, 96% of participants taking a daily dose reported increased physical fitness, improved work capacity, better sleep, and overall feelings of happiness. A few people reported reduced back and ankle pain, and others reported better skin texture. The few adverse effects reported by participants were mild, leading researchers to conclude that Sarcotropin is both safe and effective.

If you or someone you know is suffering from unpleasant symptoms related to aging, menopause, or andropause, bioidentical testosterone therapy, in conjunction with Sarcotropin, may be right for you.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) addresses hormonal imbalances such as low testosterone using hormones that are identical in structure to the hormones the body makes, offering a safer, more natural, and more customizable approach to hormone therapy than traditional hormone therapy, which uses synthetic hormones and a one-size-fits-all approach.

Physicians within the BodyLogicMD network specialize in customized treatment plans tailored to each individual patient, incorporating bioidentical hormone therapy, lifestyle changes, and natural supplementation to get you back on the path to optimal health. Contact a BodyLogicMD physician near you today to determine if you have a hormonal imbalance, and discover the benefits of customized care.

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